Median XL - Multiplayer - How to Join

How to Join

How to play on The Sin War

  • Download this, extract the contents to your Diablo II folder, and overwrite. This installs v1.13c required to play on the realm.
  • Install the latest Median XL version to your Diablo II folder, and run the game as administrator.
  • From the game menu, click on "Multiplayer", create an account and have fun!
  • Follow the rules.

  • Having trouble? Ask for support in our forums.

    If you get a c0000005 error when clicking on "Multiplayer", add Diablo II to Windows DEP as an exception:
    Open Explorer, right-click Computer, Advanced System Settings, Advanced tab, Settings in Performance section, Data Execution Prevention tab.
    Choose Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select, Add, find Diablo II.exe and Game.exe, add them both and Apply after each.