Median XL - Multiplayer - F.A.Q


Frequently Asked Questions

I am unable to connect to the realm!
Make sure you followed How to Join guide properly. If it still doesn't work, check the status page. Finally, make sure you are running version 1.13c and not 1.13d. If you accidentally upgraded while logging into classic, you can find out how to revert in the instructions provided earlier.
When trying to log in, it says my password is wrong!
Either your password is in fact not correct or you have been banned. Banlist
What versions should I use?
You should use Diablo II: Lord of Destruction 1.13c with the latest Median XL patch.
Are PlugY and Multires allowed?
Neither one is supported by the servers.
When are ladder resets?
There are no defined dates for them, however they occur most likely once or twice per year.
I am in the channel, but I am unable to see any games!
Make sure you're not on Open
I am having lag issues!
Close other applications that might be using your internet connection. Also, make sure to pick a gameserver near your location.
I get kicked from the chat channel!
Click the 'join' tab as soon as you enter the channel to prevent getting automatically kicked.
My character lost some/all items!
This happens when you have more than one non-empty body and leave the game. You will loose all items if: you die, you pick up any item(s) before getting your body back, die again, and then exit the game. The game will give you the last items of your last non-empty body. You will loose some items if: you die, you pick up any item(s) before getting your body back and then pick up your regular body, but have no inventory space for the item which was in the spot of your recently picked-up item. Your old item will not be picked up, so part of the body will remain in the ground. If you exit the game, the remaining items on your main body will vanish. Forever. It is recommended to use /nopickup command to avoid this issue.
I have a question not listed here!
Feel free to ask it in the forums. Short Questions Thread