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Server Info

Server Status

GS 1 Nuremberg, GermanyOnline77/32Marco, aahz
GS 2 Moravia, Czech RepublicOnline43/32aahz
GS 3 Wallachia, Czech RepublicOnline43/32aahz
GS 4 Prague, Czech RepublicOnline53/32aahz
GS 5 Frankfurt, GermanyOnline34/32Marco, aahz
GS 6 New Jersey, United StatesOnline33/32GregMXL
GS 7 VietnamOnline55/50Marco, aahz
GS 8 California, United StatesOffline--Taem
GS 9 Quebec, CanadaOffline--v1nc3nt
GS 10 Texas, United StatesOnline23/32Marco, aahz
GS 11 Georgia, United StatesOnline24/32Marco, aahz

The servers are restarted daily at 4am UTC (in 14 hours, 17 minutes)

You can select your default gameserver by using the command /gs <number>.
The servers run a special patch with unique realm features. Read more...

Server Administrators

Players Online: 38

iVakss, Hanfty, Punchio, SophRaTzu, Cedde, legioner, Mitsuhiko20, gearmaster105, rvmule, Melissana, rv29, lhan2014, dev3, mariokano, DeathsCourier, ngn, worek, revival, jochen93, ipityufools, wiseley2, DawgManDave2, Fretless, PTD4, UncleGrimjerk, sasxbox, 0973486359, CYRAX2017, Defs, maestro699, book2255, Nihilicity, darkhealth, Kraiter722, Heathen, nikafiend, meok, waltama

Games Online: 24

124123, Dev3, Wergwer, Act 5, Dda, Tran Athulua 2, Afczv, Qwds, Asdfghjkl, Tt, 4646, Rff, Sdasd, Act2, W54h, Xaaa, Dds, 111, 123123, 12343124, Uncleg2, Mujechuje, Sdfsaf, Fafs

Server Uptime: 3 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes