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Server Info

Server Status

GS 1 Nuremberg, GermanyOnline43/32Marco, aahz
GS 2 Moravia, Czech RepublicOnline00/32aahz
GS 3 Wallachia, Czech RepublicOnline00/32aahz
GS 4 Prague, Czech RepublicOnline11/32aahz
GS 5 Frankfurt, GermanyOnline11/32Marco, aahz
GS 6 New Jersey, United StatesOnline11/32GregMXL
GS 7 VietnamOnline11/50Marco, aahz
GS 8 California, United StatesOffline--Taem
GS 9 Quebec, CanadaOnline11/32v1nc3nt
GS 10 Texas, United StatesOnline21/32Marco, aahz
GS 11 Georgia, United StatesOnline11/32Marco, aahz

The servers are restarted daily at 4am UTC (in 0 hours, 28 minutes)

You can select your default gameserver by using the command /gs <number>.
The servers run a special patch with unique realm features. Read more...

Server Administrators

Players Online: 16

arOuzal, ph0en1xst4r, revival, naio512, miomio, 12eath, venomlord69, twistedx992, Bitterer, Ferro, pulsar72a, topherb, thuk, Varok87, Defs2, lquidsilver

Games Online: 9

First Play, Jah1, Mon, Zxczxcz, Mtn3, X123123, Mio, Boo, Nick1

Server Uptime: 54 days, 7 hours, 34 minutes