Median XL - Multiplayer - News


1.14 Compatibility is here!

Thanks to Blizzard intentionally corrupting MPQ files in their latest 1.14 release, players who used their installer app were unable to downgrade to 1.13c to join our online community.

The realm files have now been patched and are compatible.

Big thanks to whist for the patched files and suchbalance for testing.

New "Challenge" Season!

New Ladder Season: 07th October - 18:00 GMT+0

As mentioned in a different topic, a new ladder season is coming next friday: 7th October.
This will be a special challenge season - STRONGER MONSTERS x BETTER REWARDS!

Once again, ladder characters will be moved to non-ladder.
We hope to see you there once again!

New Ladder Season

Hello all, a new ladder season has started. Have fun!

Ladder has been reset!

The new ladder season with patch XVI has just started.

Have fun!

New Ladder Season

Hello everyone! Median XL: Ultimative XVI was just released, and as usual, this means there will be a new ladder season coming to The Sin War.

The servers will be wiped on Friday, 25-03-16 17:00 UTC. There's a neat countdown in our forums.

Make sure not to update your client until then, as servers are still running version XVc.